Does Texas Flange do Custom Flanges?

We get many calls asking for large blind flanges accompanied with the question, “can you bore that out to X for me?”.  What many engineers, estimators, and purchasing agents might not realize is how easy it is to get a custom flange from Texas Flange.   For a custom ring flange, all we need is the OD, ID, thickness, bolt pattern, and grade of material. Get us that information and we can quote for as few as ONE piece – yes, there’s no minimum quantity even on customs (though large quantities will of course receive discounts due to set up costs being distributed more widely).

Custom Flange Picture

Here’s a base flange template which many of our customers have used for reference/guidance. Call us or shoot us an email to discuss your flange application and we will send you the right template for you to use:

We also provide custom flange templates for you to modify to your liking to get a better understanding of your application. Additionally, drawings for approval can be requested prior to actual manufacturing, provided an order already stands. This gives you an opportunity to have one final review of your incoming product before we throw your forging onto the machines.

Anyone can provide standard commodity B16.5 flanges, but not everyone can make them in small quantities with a quick turn-around when something needs to be modified past typical industry requirements. That’s where Texas Flange comes in. Non stock material grades, custom faces, or threaded bolt holes? We like to say that specials are our specialty! We are here to help you hit those project deadlines.

 Although we do not directly design custom flanges, we do provide custom flanges to your requirements. We do not always have a standard for reference if your job isn’t to ASME code, and so we have to confirm all the dimensions with you. When you order a custom flange, please show all the details or requirements to our sales staff to ensure our quotation will be accurate.


An outlet flange with a very light shell mount
A stack of custom slip on flanges with the          same bore to accept the same pipe

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