For applications with no/low pressure at ambient temperatures, plate flanges are often a cost effective solution when raised faces and hubs are not necessary. Plate flanges also allow for space saving given their typically reduced thickness. Our standard specification governing these items is AWWA C207 provided by the American Water Works Association.

Due to the flange styles of the AWWA specification, we typically only recommend flanges per B16.5 to be made from plate if they are a blind flange or a ring flange (disc with a bore). If your application requires rather strict adherence to B16.5, we would suggest the more common forging method. Although commodity stock B16.5 type flanges are typically cost effective due to their mass production, a plate material for a larger ring flange or blind may be an effective alternate option when material availability and cost is a concern. For example, should you find no inventory available for a 20” flat face blind flange, and your application does not require noticeable working pressure, perhaps a 20” machined plate disc of the same material properties would serve as a good substitute.

A blind flange made from stainless plate

In the world of carbon steel, we offer a large variety of plate types and sizes. A36 structural carbon steel will not have the physical properties of an A105 forging but may serve as a cost-effective steel for your non pressurized service. Where A36 does not suffice, we also offer ASTM A515-70, A516-70, and ASTM A285 Grade C. These are particularly popular options for line blank flanges per ASME B16.48, and share more of the strength qualities found in A105 forged carbon steel.

(ASTM guidelines for A36 plate steel)

For plate stainless steels, look to the specification ASTM A240 and its material variants. Our most common grades of stainless consist of 304/304L, 316/316L, and 2205 duplex. We also offer other superior stainless grades on a made to order basis. For instance, 321 stainless is similar to its 304 and 316 counterparts, but includes a noticeable amount of titanium for superior intergranular integrity.

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