Texas Flange offers a great variety of titanium flanges, fittings, and custom components. The majority of our titanium products will fall under the material specification ASTM/ASME B381 and are made to order per your application. Our customers love titanium parts for their project work when the strength to weight ratio is a considerable issue. There is no commercially available material as strong as titanium on a pound for pound basis.

Grade 2 titanium is the most commonly requested in the pipe valve and fitting industry, with great strength and corrosion resistance properties. The majority of our products will be ASTM B381 Grade 2 given its availability and resistance to oxidation, much like the marine equipment utilizing 316 stainless. We also offer titanium grade 12, which retains superior strength at higher temperatures and is known for its malleability and weldability. As we mentioned previously, Titanium is often used in applications requiring high temperature and pressure service but with reduced weight. Some excellent examples are components for the aerospace industry (air body frames) and the military’s state of the art equipment. Given its excellent corrosion resistance properties in marine and chloride applications, titanium flanges are also popular as offshore drilling components and heat exchanger assemblies.

Choose titanium when you need a metal with good overall formability and workability. It has the ability to be hot or cold formed while retaining its excellent mechanical properties. For transportation to your job site, it’s also good to know that titanium weighs much less than regular steel (approximately 40-45% less). Although not as light as aluminum, our titanium flanges and fittings are a bit easier to handle during the welding and installation process. 

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